Nespresso Limited Edition Variations Confetto Capsules ~ 2017

The 2017 Limited Edition Variations Confetto Capsules arrived much earlier than other years and barely 1 month since the EXPLORATIONS 2 capsules were introduced.  My place now has a stockpile of Nespresso capsules.

I hadn’t been a fan of the year end variation capsules as it is usually developed using a lighter base – Livanto, which explains their moderate intensity at level 6.

This year the 3 flavours are: Confetto Snowball, Confetto Orangette and Confetto Licorice.

All 3 are pretty sweet compared to the high intensity capsules that I typically take. Confetto Snowball was filled with hints of vanilla and coconut, whereas Confetto Orangette was a pretty palatable combination of orange peel with chocolate. Reminds me of the Van Houten orange-flavoured napolitains. The Confetto Licorice was the one that I feared most. In fact I resisted trying it…Anyone who had ever tried Licorice candy would either love it or hate it…I would describe Licorice as being something of acquired taste, akin to Western version of brewed traditional Chinese herbal medicine.

Found a guinea pig to do a blind test on the licorice capsule coffee and turned out that everything was Ok. The licorice taste was pretty subtle as the coffee helped mask the bitter flavour.

Compared to the 2016 variations, I would prefer this set as it is not overly sweet nor fruity.

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