INODA Coffee (Honten), Kyoto

Located a stone’s throw away from our hotel is a local breakfast institution – INODA Coffee. On a chilly morning we made our way there for a hearty meal and some good coffee.

The queue was acceptable and we got ourselves seated within 20mins wait.

The main hall where we were seated had large full length window allowing natural daylight to brighten up the place. We don’t usually take heavy breakfast but went ahead to order an Egg sandwich and Beef cutlet sandwich. Japanese egg sandwich is one of my favourite item and I would make it myself at home occasionally to savour the rich mayonnaise. As for the other sandwich, we had to try it as its uniquely Jap creation. Katsu sando is one of the most popular sandwiches in Japan.

The soft bread and the moist egg mayo combination was heavenly. Each bite felt so satsifying.

As for the beef cutlet sandwich, the cutlet had a nice crispy crust but it felt kinda oily (especially since I’m having it at breakfast). Nonetheless it was a good experience as I read that there are premium restaurants in Japan serving Wagyu katsu sando and it’s crazy expensive.

The other selling point of this cafe was their Viennese coffee which infuses coffee with whipped cream making it velvety smooth and rich. Not forgetting to also try their Original Blend coffee. I used to have an impression that coffee in Japan are largely pretty acidic (many years ago and I drank mostly from hotel breakfast meals). Perhaps its because I didn’t find a good cafe back then. However it was noticeable that there are significantly more quality coffee places nowadays in major cities that we visited – although this particular one has been around since 1940.

With a well-fed tummy we were energised to start out day exploring the outskirt of Kyoto.

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