Asteralm, Saalbach

On Day 3, we ventured out to Saalbach – which is a larger town than Hinterglemm with longer trails. The weather was the best so far as it was finally a bright and sunny day!  Unlike the previous two mountains where the gondola stops at the mid of the mountain, the gondola at Saalbach allows non-skiing guests to reach the peak. Unfortunately there isn’t any eatery up there, so once again injured man camped at the restaurant at the mid-way point.

The pros of this restaurant over the others that we’ve been to is – they got TV! They were televising live matches of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games. While we were having our lunch, there was a group of patriotic Uncles supporting the German ice hockey team.

Between Schnitzel and Sausage, my choice is clear. I think the sausages I had in Austria seems to taste better than the ones in Germany. And the ones here looked so pretty with the flower cuts~

Photos Taken Earlier:

The peak of this mountain happens to be a photospot. We were awed by the amazing view of the Alps around the area~

Most of the churches I’ve seen in the Swiss Alps and Austrian Alps region has a peculiar feature – onion-shaped domes. Only came to understand that these are Eastern Orthodox churches after checking them up from the internet.

Somehow I had craving for fish while up in the Alps. Managed to purchase frozen salmon from the supermart.

Another surprise find was this delicious Austria brand Felix Sour Cream Sauce! It was a random buy as I needed sour cream to go with Rosti for breakfast. But we fell in love with this awesome dip!

Our breakfasts – I rarely get to prepare such heavy breakfast in Singapore. Pleased to have the luxury of preparing nice breakfast while on holiday~ #homecookedbreakfasts

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