Cafe Konditorei Fürst, Salzburg

Other than being known as the shooting location of the classic film “The Sound of Music“, Salzburg is also famous for being the birthplace of prolific composer Mozart. If you ever had friends who visited Austria before, chances are they would have brought back some food souvenirs wrapped in gold foil emblazoned with Mozart’s portrait. The chocolate balls recognizable in the iconic red/gold colours are widely available everywhere in Austria as they are produced by industrial confectionery producers.  However at Cafe Konditorei Fürst – the creator of the “Original Salzburger Mozartkugel”, the sweet treat is still made by hand according to the original traditional recipe.

Instead of the commonly seen red/gold wrappers, the ones here are wrapped in blue/silver foil.

Although it’s also a cafe serving a range of pastries and confectionery with sit-down area, we only went in to purchase a packet of Mozartkugels (Mozart balls). They are made from marzipan and pistachio surrounded by nougat and dark chocolate.  Pictured above is the cross-sectional view of the chocolate ball, but you’ll be surprised to know that when I first unwrapped these round sweets I almost burst out laughing. Cos the round ball looked like a woman’s breast due to a protruding bud in the centre of the sphere – visit Fürst‘s website if it piqued your curiosity.

For practical reasons, we bought a few of the chocolate balls to try as we wanted to evaluate if we should shortlist this snack as a gift for friends/colleagues. We gave up on the idea not because it wasn’t tasty, rather the weight of the chocolate balls adds up quite significantly. Given that we have to hand-carry these chocolate, it would hinder our mobility for the rest of our trip (cos we are only mid-way through our holiday).

Other Photos Taken:

Although it’s our 2nd visit to Salzburg, there are new undiscovered areas which we explored on this trip. Such as this rewarding view during sunset after a steep climb up the hill where Kapuzinerkloster is located.

This was another view taken on one of the bridges spanning across the Salzach river linking the historic old town (Altstadt) with the city centre.

The key reason why we made a stop in Salzburg was to visit the town which rose to fame through Instagram, and touted to be the most enchanting fairytale places in Europe –Hallstatt.

From Salzburg, one can either take the bus (with 1 transfer) or the train (with a transfer to a boat ride) to reach Hallstatt. Both routes will take about 2.5 hours to reach the small town. So you would be spending 5 hours on the journey if you are making a day trip to Hallstatt from Salzburg. Of course you could also make it an overnight stay in Hallstatt – if you wish to be stuck in a boring old town (in Winter most shops are closed).

Almost everybody who alighted at the train station would board the same boat that takes us across the lake. Upon arrival at about 11.40am, we took a snapshot of the departure schedule for the boat ride.

The famed classic village viewpoint was a short 300m walk away after making a right turn from the ferry terminal. There is no need for a map – just follow the rest and you’ll get there. While walking along the tiny single lane road, it was obvious that the influx of visitors had caused much inconvenience to the local residents. Many of the doors had signage asking people to “Keep Your Volume Low”, “Private Property – Do Not Trespass” and “No Flying of Drones”. I can’t help but feel that perhaps I shouldn’t have made the visit…not because I don’t feel welcomed rather I felt bad that the residents were suffering and we were perpetuating the hype over a silly photo…

Maybe we went on a wrong day where the weather was not at its best; perhaps I had too high an expectation after seeing a ton of amazing photos on Instagram or after investing 2.5 hrs to get here, I hope to derive higher utility. In essence: I was disappointed because the postcard spot was less dreamy and less romantic in reality.

I was in dilemma while compiling the collage for Hallstatt. Should I apply heavy editing so that I can achieve the effect that others had posted? Or should I post what was the reality? I decided to post one (upper) with my usual edits and one (lower) which was what most people had expected me to see.

From the photospot, we walked back past the ferry terminal and towards the other end of the town.

Initially we planned to spend half a day here in Hallstatt, but we soon realised that there isn’t anything much to do here (Winter plus it’s a Sunday). We walked along the main street where most shops are closed except for some souvenir shops, until we reached the funicular railway station to go up to Hallstatt Walkway.  Looking at our watches, we may be able to catch the next ferry departing at 12.45pm across the lake if we hasten our pace to walk back to the terminal. If we missed this ferry, the next one would be at 2.15pm (1.5 hrs later). That was how we finished our 1 hour tour of Hallstatt after spending total of 5 hours travelling to and fro from Salzburg.

Kinda disappointed with the actual views I ended up buying these cards as consolation.

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