Carpe Diem Finest Fingerfood, Salzburg

Carpe Diem Finest Fingerfood was already on our to-eat list when we visited Salzburg back in 2014. Unfortunately they were closed for renovation. Ironically this time round, they were open but the Red Bull World (a few units away) was closed for renovation… (>_<).

True to what many reviewers wrote on TA, the place reeks of cigarettes smoke smell cos it is an establishment that allowed smoking. Not sure about the fine-dining area upstairs (which was awarded 1-Michelin star) but the one at street level which is the fingerfood/bar kind that permits smoking.

Arriving in the late afternoon, the place was pretty packed. The only available seats were at the bar counter area. We observed that most folks were there for afternoon desserts.

Hungry after our trip, we ordered the 7-course menu to share. The light bites menu cost €60. I suppose it’s up to readers to decide if it’s worth the money for the series of light snacks.

Carpe Diem‘s concept of serving dishes inside of small cones was said to be the signature of the restaurant. So we kicked off our meal with their signature dish – Beef tartar with mashed potatoes & cress in a sancho-pepper-cone.  Definitely something instagram-worthy. This cost €6.50 if ordered by ala-carte.

Next we had Lettuce, kaki & quinoa. I can’t be certain but I think the “kaki” could be Japanese persimmon. This is a special salad dish which is packed with nutrition too. 

Next we had another two “cone” dishes – Prawn, crayfish espuma & fregola and Goose liver, truffle, chicory & cassis.  The crispy waffle cone with the chewy fregola pasta creates a nice texture whereas the other ‘cone’ comprised of creamy and smooth goose liver mousse.

First of the two main was Turbot, carrot & ginger while the second main was Small filet steak, artichoke & walnut crust. This is the first time I had a steak with a crunchy and nutty savoury crust, a unique way of cooking the steak.

We finished with desserts of Hazelnut, cranberry and brownie. Towards the end of the meal we can’t wait to leave the place as we’ve reached our tolerance limit of inhaling 2nd hand smoke, especially when the guest sitting next to us lit his cigarette.

So if you are a health-conscious goody two-shoes, avoid this place…it’s probably not worth risking your health for it…

Other Photos Taken:

Salzburg is 1.5 hrs train ride from Zell am See. The train ride was scenic and comfortable.

Salzburg was unexpectedly freezing when we arrived as news reported that the Siberian Bear cold front was coming in from Russia. Temperatures dipped to minus 12 degrees when the average should be around 0-1 degrees in normal winters.

Despite the sub-zero temperature, the sky was clear and sunny.

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