Café Hawelka, Vienna

Apfelstrudel and Sachertorte are probably the two most famous pastry representative of Austrian cuisine. We didn’t try any of these when we last visited Vienna in 2014 as we only planned a short 2 day stay back then. After ticking off our must-see attractions in our last visit, we had more leisure time to explore Vienna this time including trying out more Austrian food.

Having spent the afternoon on the train, we didn’t have a proper lunch. Our first stop after checking into our hotel was to visit Café Hawelka in the historic city centre for a light bite. The cafe was opened by Leopold Hawelka and his wife in 1939.  The building survived the bombardment during World War II and in the mid-1950s, Cafe Hawelka became a meeting place for many writers, musicians, artists and intellectuals. The cafe has a speciality, the Buchteln – a delicious sweet pastry made using the wife’s original recipe. It is now made by the son of Leopold. Considering that we would be having our dinner in 2 hours’ time, we decided to just try the Apfelstrudel.

There was no printed menu in the restaurant, the items are listed on a small chalk board hung on the wall. The apfelstrudel had a nice flaky skin with generous apple-raisin-filling wrapped inside. The nutty breadcrumbs greatly enhanced the texture of this pastry. I liked that this was not too sweet nor soggy.

Nostalgia was in the air once you enter through the door. The decor of this cafe was rather old-school but cosy. It felt as if you had walked into the set of Friends (sitcom). The living room liked hall was filled with striped velvet couch at the side and white round marble-top tables paired with dark mahogany chairs.  Although the cafe was situated right at the heart of the historic city centre, it didn’t feel touristy.

Other Photos Taken:

What a sight! Salzburg was covered in white snow on the day of our departure. The city sure looks different overnight. Here’s the comparison of Mirabell Garden.  Perhaps Hallstatt would also looked much more magical with the white carpet.

We took a stroll around the city to take in the sights of a snow covered Salzburg before catching the train to Vienna.

There are lots of miniature liqueur available in many souvenir shops in Salzburg. Picked out these 2.

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