Café Sacher, Vienna

The Original Sacher-Torte has been one of the most famous cake synonymous with Vienna. To put it simply, its a refined, elegant chocolate cake with apricot jam spread over the sponge base, topped with a coat of chocolate icing over the cake.

As with any other famous inventions (heard similar story of the Mozartkugel over in Salzburg), there was a legal battle over the the title of “original Sachertorte”.  We visited Cafe Sacher located in the heart of Vienna old town.

We paired our Sachertorte with a cup of Coffee with original Sacher Liqueur and a cup of Wiener Melange Coffee with milk and cream.

A close-up shot of the cake, the additional layer of apricot jam in-between the sponge cake and the round chocolate seal are the signature identity of the sachertorte served here versus their competitor Cafe Demel. The latter had a triangular seal with only one layer of apricot under the chocolate icing.

In honesty, the sachertorte was not as rich and moist as I had expected it to be. Perhaps I should be reminded that this was a recipe dating from 1832 hence it was a lot simpler and basic compared to our fancy modern pastry creations.

Still on the topic of confectionery, earlier we pop by Manner – a classic wafer snack originating from Vienna. Other than being widely sold in many supermarts, they also have their own boutique in a few major cities in Austria. In particular, there is a large store near St Stephen’s Cathedral.

The original Neapolitan Wafer was sandwiched with hazelnut-flavoured chocolate cream filling, but they have now expanded with a range of other flavours.

The pink packaging was pretty eye-catching. I even bought a metal box with the prints of the St Stephen’s Cathedral tile patterns on it. Taste-wise, I thought it was pretty similar to Loacker.

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