Chikin Bar

Granted that there are a few Japanese eateries in Tanjong Pagar area that serve Yakitori as part of their menu, I’ve yet to find one that offers a good variety of items. I’m so missing Shunjuu Izakaya‘s awesome grilled items… Decided to try Chikin Bar at Bukit Pasoh road (btw they are relocating to a new address, check their website for updates).

Can’t wait for the weekend to come…in need of some cocktails…here’s the Para Para Sakura adorned with (not sakura) an orchid and the Sawayaka Kiku.

Ordered some skewers: Quail eggs, Tebasaki (wings), Chikin Gizzard and Tsukune (meatballs). The special ingredient that makes their yakitori extraordinary is their spicy Szechuan twist to it. I also loved the well-controlled charred level which adds a smokey flavour to their sticks.

They also have a good range of snacks and even hearty carbs. I found their fried items all well-prepared. The addictive Chikin Skin Chips was nicely fried with a good crunch whereas the Deep Fried Oyster Kaki Furai had a nice crunchy panko bread crumbs with a soft plump oyster inside.

Gyuniku Teriyaki (grilled steak) was amazingly tender and juicy while the Unagi Garlic Fried Rice with Fish Roe had a nice “wok-hei”.

There was a nice collection of wines, sakes etc. at the eatery. We spotted the ‘blue wine’ in the fridge and asked if it is available by glass? While I knew that the Gik Blue Wine was produced in Spain, I wasn’t aware that it is also now sold in Singapore. We decided to order a glass, for the sake of trying something photo-worthy. So how does it taste like? It’s kinda bubbly, not too sweet and would probably suit moscato drinkers. But it’s unlikely that I would purchase a bottle nor try it again.

Finished my meal with a rather Asian-inspired Lychee Sake-tini that has all my favourite liqueurs and fruits in it!

Barring the fact that alcohol accounted for almost 50% of the bill, I found the food to be reasonably priced for the high quality delivered.

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