★ Restaurant Sühring, Bangkok

First dinner in Bangkok for a short weekend trip and first stop was Restaurant Sühring. Although Bangkok is a short flight away from Singapore and a shopping heaven for many Singaporeans who would swear to visit her a few times a year, I last visited in 2016. Restaurant Sühring was opened shortly after my 2016 visit and they made it into the Asia 50 Best Restaurants list in 2017, debuting at #13 and moved up to #4 in the 2018 list which was announced in Mar 18. We were happy to have secured our booking prior to the announcement. They are also awarded 1-Michelin star in inaugural 2018 Michelin Guide Bangkok.

The restaurant is set up in a house with four different sections: The Kitchen, The Dining Room, Winter Garden and Living Room. During reservation, we chose to be seated in the kitchen as we wanted to witness the actions right where it happens.

The Sühring “Erlebnis” (Experience) menu comprised of three Chapters.

Chapter One

We started with Storhappen Smoked sturgeon in a pretty gift box that opens up to unveil the light bites that took centre-stage.

It was then followed byKrabbencocktail Crab cocktail, Fischbrotchen Cured salmon in a mini home-made bun and Obatzdarollchen (a Bavarian cheese delicacyCream cheese made from Camembert cheese dusted with paprika powder. I’m absolutely loving the last snack for its crispy roll and rich smooth cheese, with the slightly sweet & spicy paprika coating. The paprika so reminds me of Hungary.

The next snack is a signature dish by the Sühring brothers – Currywurst & Molle Pork sausage topped with curry powder and curry sauce from a stall in Berlin/Crispy Potato with curry power/Cheers – German butterbeer, beer mixed with cider vinegar. This is said to be a tribute to the iconic Berlin sausage stalls lining the streets. It comes in a miniature takeout box for the sausage complete with miniature beer mugs~ In fact I bought a similar miniature mug from Hofbräuhaus in Munich and its sitting on my display cabinet.

Entenleber & Buchteln Hungarian duck liver and brioche served with Riesling Spatlese. The wine has a low level of sweetness which provided a balanced profile to the rich mousse-textured pate with a crispy, slightly charred toast.

Chapter Two [Fish & Meat]

River trout & horseradish/N25 caviar The N25 is a premium brand of caviar from a German-based company but their caviar are produced in China.

Brotzeit for sharing Brotzeit meaning “Bread time”. To me, this was the most amazing course of the night.  The home-made sour dough was made with imported German flour and yeast fermentation made a year ago. It is served with a variety of spreads – butter and schmaltz, cold cuts and a jar of pickles. I wished I could finish all the bread but had to save some space for the rest of the courses.

Leipziger Allerlei It was originally considered a poor people’s food and is said to have its roots in Poland from 1745. However the dish became popular in Leipzig after the Napoleonic Wars to protect the city from beggars and tax collectors. City officials hoped to encourage beggars and tax collectors to move on to neighboring cities and served this dish (instead of meat) as crayfish was very cheap back then and the vegetables could be obtained from the roadside. The version served here comprised of roasted root vegetables, peas, carrots, and asparagus, topped with morel mushroom sauce.

Seebrasse & Brokkoli Seabass was served with broccoli of different forms, including the broccoli, broccoli flower and broccoli puree, finished with brown butter foam at the side.

Last dish in this chapter was Wagyu beef sirloin/ramsons/fermented garlic. The ramsons and fermented garlic had an intense flavour.

Chapter Three [Dessert]

Sanddorn & Nougat

Rhabarber & Quark Quark is a traditional, creamy, vegetarian, unripened cheese tracing its origin to German-speaking and eastern European countries. In this dessert it is paired with ice cream sorbet made from elderflower and the sauce on the side is made from rhubarb flower.

Sussigheitenbox & Omas Eierlibor (Candy Box & Grandma’s Eggnog)

Eggnog is pretty much synonymous with Christmas, made from water, egg yolk, condensed milk and vanilla. The eggnog here was definitely one of the best I’ve ever had. It was rich yet not too over-cloying.

Candy box filled with apricot jelly, short bread with salted caramel, chocolate truffle and white chocolate with passion fruit wraps up our 3-hr meal. Managed to take a photo of the other dining hall – which were already empty while on our way out.

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