Lung Pratunam Boat Noodles, Bangkok

With Sunday planned as a shopping day in Platinum Mall, we planned to visit my favourite braised pork leg rice nearby – Khao Kha Moo.  To my disappointment, they are closed on Sunday. My back-up plan was to try our luck at visiting the famous pink shirt chicken rice stall – Kaiton Pratunam which is a short walk away. Unfortunately over the years they have gained much attention and the queue at the stall has grown exponentially.  As we don’t have the luxury of time to queue for it, we ended up trying Lung Pratunam Boat Noodles which is within the vicinity.

This stall is located in a dark alley next to the canal, hence we were slightly apprehensive about this “hidden” stall.  The stall was empty when we arrived, totally opposite sight from the jam-packed chicken rice stall just a few metres apart. Nonetheless we went ahead to settle our breakfast at the beef noodle stall – afterall this stall was also featured in other forums.

While there are a concentration of famous boat noodle stalls near Victory Monument area in Bangkok, I hadn’t got the chance to try them yet. I’ve also lamented that despite having visited Thailand so many times, I’ve yet to try a local version of the boat noodle (only eaten Thai boat noodle in Singapore) so I’m keen to try it out.

The noodles are typically served in bite-sized portions, understandably due to its history of being served to customers on the canal, so that the noodles wouldn’t spill out of the bowl.

A few strands of rice noodles in the dark coloured broth along with a few pieces of chopped kang kong, topped with some slices of either pork or beef and a meatball makes up this dish. As mentioned, this is the first time I’m eating boat noodles in Bangkok, so I can’t comment how this stall fares compared to the others. But this is small light meal good enough for me to start my day.

Given the small portion, we also tried the Yong Tau Foo Noodle and Dry Noodle with Dark Soy Sauce. I’ve also first tried Thai yong tau foo in Singapore. The uniqueness of Thai yong tau foo lies in the pink broth with a mixture of sweet, sour and spicy flavours.

While we were having our meal, there were other customers coming by for their meals but they are all Thai. Guess this stall is still more of a local spot than a tourist place.  =)

Though the hotel we stayed in included buffet breakfast, we prefer to head out for local meals.

Only head back to enjoy light refreshments at the lounge to escape from the afternoon heat.

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