Piao Ji Fish Porridge 標记鱼粥

My recent visits to a few nostalgic hawker centres stirred my desire to make an effort to visit some of my favourites before they disappear. One fine example is the fresh seafood soup from Piao Ji Fish Porridge in Amoy Street Hawker centre.  This is another stall that I hadn’t visit for almost a decade. Decided to visit them on a Saturday afternoon (with visibly lesser crowd compared to office work days) and devoted 45 mins of my weekend queuing for this sumptuous bowl of goodness.

To manage expectations of others, pls note that the pricing of the dish here is higher than what you expect of a hawker stall. But to me, it is worth every penny and I always order their mixed fish and prawn soup.  Other than the freshness of the fish and prawns, the soup was savoury and flavourful. The unique chilli dip comprise of chopped chilli, ginger and “tau cheo” (preserved soy bean paste).

There is another stall nearby which sells sliced fish bee hoon soup and I frequented more often when my office was around the area. The queue gets pretty long during long hour but moves faster than Piao Ji‘s. However the soup was less intense and the sliced fish was less satisfying than the thicker pieces served in Piao Ji.

Amoy Street Hawker Centre undoubtedly has one of the highest concentration of famous and popular food stalls in Singapore.  A few of the other popular stalls which had established a strong customer base are Lor Mee and Nasi Lemak on level 2 and the Fried Kway Teow on level 1. The only bug bear I have is – its always crowded during office work days. When I visit them on weekend, only a handful of stalls operates.   Recent years saw the addition of a few new stalls led by younger generation hawkers such as A Noodle Story.

Back then when my office was nearby, we often head to Coffee Break to buy a cup of rich aromatic coffee after having our lunch. The stall was manned by a middle-age man and now I heard that his kids have taken over the operation of the stall.

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