Maggie Joan’s

Mysterious” is the word I would use to describe my impression of this hole in a wall restaurant. So mysterious that we had problems locating their actual location. On surface their address is: 110 Amoy St. Being familiar with the area, we made our way there without Google’s help. Things are getting strange when we saw a signboard saying “Saga Tree” with it’s lights off and door closed. Wait a minute…this doesn’t look like a restaurant…we made a reservation didn’t we? So they should be open today…

Eventually we had to turn to Google for help, only to verify that we were at the right address. Hmmm…I vaguely recalled that they are located in an unconventional place…let’s take a walk round the back of the row of shophouses… Finally we found Maggie Joan’s entrance thanks to a small signage sticking out from the back door of one unit.

The lighting inside the restaurant was pretty dim hence the photos of the food didn’t turn out well when using mobile phone camera app.

We tried the Hamachi crudo, almond, salmon roe & edamame which was good. The fish slices had firm texture with a light beige coloured gravy that reminds me of “Tiger’s Milk”.

The other starter we ordered was Hokkaido Scallops, avocado, pear & ponzu. This was equally appetizing and refreshing. Both the starters featured fresh seafood ingredients.

Our last entree was Beef tartare, eggs, croutons & pecorino.  The finely chopped beef was hidden under the pile of shaved pecorino cheese. This is probably the first time I ever tasted a beef tartare with cheese combination and it was surprisingly matching.

We only ordered one hot dish to try: Spinach & ricotta ravioli, pickled girroles & hazelnuts, and it didn’t disappoint either. The ravioli were well-made and cooked to a perfect texture. The crunchy and earthy hazelnuts topping was a brilliant addition that complements the rich ricotta filling.

Although the food here was well-executed, I prefer the ambience at Moosehead Kitchen for the more casual vibe. For a comparatively upscale eatery, Maggie Joan’s lighting was too dim for me to take a good look at the food before I dig in.

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