Wine & Chef

A 3 course set lunch at $18 sounds like too good a deal to pass off, especially when it is located in the city area.  This value for money deal was spotted at Wine & Chef.

The starter included 3 options: Soup of the Day, Bruschetta, Smoked Duck Salad. But for $8 top-up I had the Seared Foie Gras Pan roasted foie gras with apply & thyme brandy compote on toasted baguette.

For the main course, there are also 3 options: Salmon, Pasta con Pollo and Roasted Baby Chicken. If you would like to have a more indulgent meal you can have it upgraded to Steak & Fries or Iberico Pork at $10 top-up.

We had the Salmon Pan roasted salmon fillet with kombu butter sauce, quinoa & burnt orange and the Iberico Pork Pan roasted Iberico pork shoulder with apple & thyme brandy compote pomme puree.

For me the dish that left an impression in me was their Venere Rice Pudding Black rice, pistachio paste, caramel crumble bits & vanilla ice cream At first glance, it looked like a simple bubur pulut hitam but there was a hidden surprise. Pop rocks were added inside to create a sparkling feel when eaten.

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