Naganuma Ice no ie, Singapore

Milk produced in Hokkaido is known for the smooth and rich taste, it is used in a wide range of products. Naganuma Ice no ie from Japan uses 100% Hokkaido raw milk for their soft serves, which makes it more costly than other soft serves starting from S$6.50 per cone.

There was 6 soft serve flavours available on the day of my visit. Other than the usual flavours there were a few unique ones such as Yubari Melon, Corn and Red Wine.

However the one that caught my eye was the Creme Brulee Soft Serve at S$8.

The cone is first filled with soft serve before being topped with a layer of custard and flamed to achieve the caramelized sugar surface.

I really enjoyed the rich milky taste of the soft serve but this fancy treat is probably not something I could afford regularly.

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