Tiger Sugar, Singapore

Since the opening of Tiger Sugar‘s first store in Singapore at Capitol Piazza, pictures of the sugar loaded drink flooded the Instagram along with reports of snaking queue. Waited for the hype to die down slightly before stopping by on a Saturday night to join a modest line for the drink.

The line moved pretty quickly and we got the know the answer soon enough. There was only 1 drink type left from the list of about 15-20 items printed on the menu. No variation option available. So I suppose they just kept making the same drink…

Perhaps I’m too used to being able to choose the sugar level at other bubble milk tea chains, I wasn’t used to the overloaded sweetness of this brown sugar tea. I can understand maybe the shop is trying to keep to the original recipe from Taiwan.  Given the nation’s War against Diabetes, it wouldn’t be a surprise if it’s a matter of time before our authorities step in to request such drink stalls to moderate the sugar level – just like our canned drink providers???


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