Sabor in the Hunter (Dessert Bar) + Wine Tasting Experience III, Sydney

Time for a late afternoon snack at Sabor in the Hunter. They offer a huge variety of pretty desserts and a great place to escape from the summer heat!

Ordered the Sabor’s Christmas Reindeer and Sabor Tasting Plate Nutella & Hazelnut Gateau, Salted caramel mousse with sticky date pudding. Dark & white salted caramel Portuguese mousse, Chocolate & raspberry dome tart, Pina Colada slice.

These desserts certainly looks amazing but in terms of actual taste I felt it could be more refined. Given the lack of competitors in the area, this place seems to pack in the crowd.  By the time we finished our cakes, there was a long queue outside.

Margan was my last cellar door stop. It was further away from the main centre but it meant a cosy experience. Over here we managed to try something other than the usual Semillon. We tried the Verdelho and was attracted to it for its easy drinking style.

Other than the tasting flight the cellar door offers light snacks for guests to order should you wish to pair your drink with some food. Margan Restaurant (a hatted establishment) which is located next to the cellar door offers proper food menu should you need something more filling. We also liked that there was an ipad used to allow us to browse through the wines available for tasting, with comprehensive description.

Earlier Photos Taken:

Woke up before 4am in order to join the hot air balloon flight. Our efforts paid off when we were treated to an amazing sunrise view.

As the hot air balloon floated across the fields, we also spotted many wild life kangaroos.



Photo opportunities abound as the balloons floated past the pond.

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