New Year’s Eve 2018 @ The Point, Sydney

With another 10 hours to the countdown and people had filled up the spaces in front of Sydney Opera House.

Everyone was gearing up for the party as we got a knock on the door and received a complimentary bottle of champagne from the hotel. =)

The gates for our ticketed area opens at 5pm. Typically people would queue up earlier to get the best seats as the category we purchased is free seating.  The guests who purchased assigned table seating has the luxury of arriving later – although the downside is you cannot choose your seat.

For us, we went for the bench tables lining the coast for the best view and gave up on comfort…

Received our arrival entree once we passed through the gate. Spinach and ricotta calzone, Quinoa, brown rice and fresh herb salad, Marinated capsicum and olives, Linseed and thyme crackers with a bottle of water. Other drinks are available for purchase.

Dining stations would commence at 6pm serving Indian Curry, Slides, Pot Pies and Steamed Dumplings. We skipped the curry and pot pies and grabbed the Thai chicken slider with kaffir lime, chilli and lemongrass mayo which turned out to be unremarkable.

Thankfully we managed to stuff ourselves with the Steam Dumplings: Forest shitake mushroom and water chestnut dumpling and Prawn, chive and garlic dumpling served with a choice of red vinegar/black pepper dressing, black vinegar and mustard soy. While we didn’t bear high expectations of carnival food, these were still acceptable as the skin were not too thick and were served warm. The queue also moved faster than other stations. Needless to say, we went back for more rounds of these.

With the dark clouds looming over the city skyline, we anticipated the downpour to come… Ironically it was the first time we encountered rain during the 1 week stay in Sydney… =(

As the rain didn’t seemed to ease, the 8pm aerial flyover display was cancelled.  We started to ponder whether the 9pm fireworks would be cancelled too…All we could do was to curl up under the poncho and the umbrella; waited for the sky to clear up…

Up till 15 mins before 9pm, the sky was still cloudy…thankfully the show went on and we got a mini fireworks show – for us to find the right angles and setting of our cameras in anticipation of the actual countdown.

To me, the waiting time between 9pm to 11.55pm was the hardest cos our energy level started to dip… The desserts which was supposedly available from 9.30pm onwards were all snapped up quickly…The organiser said they finished giving out 2 out of the 3 desserts and we count ourselves lucky to be able to grab the last few of the Classic choc top ice cream when we went to collect dessert at around 9.45pm…

Things got excited only when we entered the last minute of 2018…and started counting down from!!!

Dazzling fireworks brightened up the sky as we were treated to a spectacular show.

Managed to get a better angle after adjusting our tripod based on 9pm show. Even with the wide angle lens I can’t capture the full fireworks on our right.

Although we were lucky to get the bench tables right at the shoreline, the yachts parked at the bay were still a factor we can’t control. It really depends on the current flow as to whether the yachts would block the view partially or not… The yacht closest to us in the picture happened to be one decorated with bright fairy lights. It was drifting from left to right during the 10 mins firework show. Hence some of my photos had the yacht in the foreground right in the centre of my pics…

Nonetheless it was a memorable once-in-a-lifetime experience to witness the countdown in Sydney.

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