Peter’s @ Sydney Fish Market, Sydney

Since almost everywhere is closed for business on public holiday, we decided to make a trip to the Sydney Fish Market for lunch. Although it is located pretty near to the city, it’s not as accessible as the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo if you don’t drive. Be it by train or bus, both involves significant walking. The best public transport option is probably via the light rail.

After a rainy night at the countdown, the sky cleared up today with a scorching sun. When we first entered the compound, it seemed pretty quiet with not much activity (at noon). However when we reached the retail arcade, the place was bustling with people! I was slightly confused as the retail arcade had shops selling both fresh market seafood along with cooked items…

Initially we tried to look for available seats along the boardwalk which was a common outdoor seating area. You could then purchase food from any of the shops for your meal but they were all taken up except for the ones exposed to the mid-day sun… It’s probably fine during Spring/Autumn, but with the summer heat it was pretty intolerable…

We returned back inside the arcade area to escape from the heat and was resigned to just grabbing some fresh Sydney Rock Oysters from Peter’s to gobble down on the go. We were wandering around with the tray of oysters in hand when we spotted a couple who had finished their meal and vacated their seats inside the shop! With access to proper table indoor we were happy to stay and order more food!

While we were still trying to orientate ourselves to figure out what to order, the large group seated next to us were already tucking into their purchases. I sneakily snapped their spread of food, including a huge box of fried squid/octopus skewers, Japanese Sushi, fried rice etc.

Enticed by the aroma of the fried items, our first stop was to the BBQ Grill counter.

Here’s our purchase of:

  • Grilled Octopus A$9
  • Prawn Skewer A$9
  • Abalone A$16
  • Baked Scallop A$3.50 each
  • Lobster Tail Grilled A$14.50
  • Lobster Tail Salt & Pepper A$16.50

The Sushi/Sashimi counter had a longer queue, so we didn’t get any sushi nor sashimi. But do note that some of the sashimi-grade fishes were imported as per clearly labelled.

From the fresh seafood counter, we selected a bundle of fresh Razor clams (ard A$19, by weight) before deciding on how we wanted it to be cooked according to our choice (cooking fee of A$15). There were a variety of styles such as Stir Fried, Grilled or Steamed depending on the seafood you chose along with options of gravy including Singapore Chilli, XO Sauce, HK style Dry Chilli, Garlic Butter etc. We opted for Steamed Ginger & Shallot for our razor clams. We usually order steamed razor clams at seafood restaurants in Singapore for about S$10-12 per piece, albeit bigger size than the ones here. Therefore this dish seemed pretty value-for-money when compared to what we pay for back home.

However I’m not sure whether the price of the seafood here are reasonable by local standards, the market as a whole felt pretty touristy. Nonetheless it made a great first meal of 2019 for me~

After this meal, we headed back to the hotel to pack our bags for our flight…

Other Food Items:

Some interesting items tried on this trip included the Kombucha drink which is very popular here. Huge variety of brands and flavours available at every convenience store we visited in Sydney. The healthy sparkling drink makes a refreshing cooler for hot summer days.

Tim Tams are a must-eat in Australia and this Honeycomb flavour tasted pretty nice when chilled.

The cons of the regular Tim Tam pack is that I usually couldn’t finish it at one go. Hence I prefer these mini bites that I picked up at the airport.

Last but not least, I brought back the half-eaten bottle of Thai Suki Sauce since we loved it so much. From the same Asian supermarket in Sydney where we purchased the sauce, we also discovered this tasty Thai Fish Cake! While we can’t possibly bring back the frozen package, I would look for similar products when back in Singapore.

Experienced the horrific holiday travel chaos at the airport…slow moving queue at immigration checkpoint (despite using electronic gates)…slow moving queue at security clearance checkpoint (due to limited manpower) and messy long queue for tax refund… Only get to relax when we saw this pretty sunset near the gates.

Relieving the countdown moment from a copy of Straits Times. And enjoyed the Singapore Chicken Rice onboard Singapore Airlines before taking a quick nap.

Made another great discovery during breakfast! Loving this Watermelon & Strawberry Twist rich yogurt from Australia. Managed to find this brand at some premium supermarkets in Singapore but not this particular flavour.

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