Le Shrimp Ramen

Haven’t been to Paragon Shopping Centre for quite a while and was happy to be able to visit Le Shrimp Ramen (by the Paradise Group) before the eatery close for the day. While prawn-based ramen is not something new, we had it in Hokkaido (Ebisoba Ichigen), the version served here is one that is the result of the union of Chinese and Japanese culture.

Unlike the Japanese ramen that are typically served with Chashu (braised pork belly), the noodles here are served with prawns!

We tried the Le Signature Trio Shrimp Ramen Handmade ebiko prawn paste, succulent prawn dumplings and fresh big prawns served with Japan-inspired signature shrimp broth and delectable noodles.

Other than the noodles, we were spoiled for choices from the array of side dishes and ended up ordering 3 sides! Braised beancurd in tonkotsu broth (warm), Chilled silken tofu with century egg and the Long Jing tea leave egg.

The rich and umami-laden broth was the right consistency to go with the type of noodles used. Just like how the Japanese strive to perfect different broth with different noodle shape and thickness so as to achieve the best ramen experience.

I particularly enjoyed the al-dente prawn paste which was coated with ebiko and the prawn dumplings.

This ramen is a bliss for prawn lovers like me!

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