Nystekt Strömming, Stockholm

Nystekt Strömming (it’s Swedish for ‘freshly fried herring’) is a local food truck which used to be located around Slussen. However when we visited Stockholm, the Slussen area was already heavily cordoned up for redevelopment and the food truck has relocated to Gamla Stan area. So please check out their FB post for their latest location at the time of your visit.

While there were many variations on how to enjoy the fried herring, we chose to pair it with mashed potatoes, along with pickled cucumber, red onion and creme fraiche salad (it’s the standard combi as well); although you can build-your-own sides as well.

The fried herring had a nice crispy and crunchy crust and the pickled cucumbers work best to cut through the fried item. Onions help if you are afraid of briny taste of the herring, though I don’t find it overly strong after frying.

Comparatively I prefer eating the raw herring in Amsterdam to this fried version. But hey, herring is also one of the pillars of Swedish cuisine and therefore should give it a try when you visit Stockholm. It’s also one of the cheaper food options around if you are on a budget since everything in Scandinavia countries cost much higher than Europe.

Nystekt Strömming, Stockholm
Kornhamnstorg 1, 111 27 Stockholm, Sweden

Earlier Photos Taken:

Stockholm City Hall with golden spire is one of the most famous silhouette along the river (left).

Exploring the streets during blue hour in Gamla Stan, the old town in central Stockholm. This area has a wealth of historic churches and mostly with Gothic style architecture.

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