Meatballs for the People, Stockholm

While one of Sweden‘s most successful export is IKEA furniture store, the brand IKEA is probably synonymous with Meatballs. Tired of the same old beef meatballs, we wanted to make use of the opportunity in Stockholm to try a variety of meatballs. Meatballs for the People is the place for us as their meatballs are served in different kinds of (exotic) meat.

As the restaurant does not take reservations on Fri-Sun, we deliberately planned for a late lunch around 2pm hoping to avoid the peak hours. But we were wrong…there was a waitlist with a few names jotted on it when we arrived at the restaurant.  The staff told us that the waiting time would be around 30 mins, we reckoned since we were not in a rush we don’t mind the wait. More importantly, our minds were set on having a meatball lunch.

After the chilly morning sight-seeing walk, we were happy to warm our body with a Swedish beer flight: Piston Kustom Lager, Melleruds Pilsner, Sleepy Bulldog Pale Ale and Shogun Bulldog JIPA.

Now for the meatballs! These are the 5 meatballs available on the day of our visit: Boar, Beef, Moose, Veal and Beef & Pork. They have other varieties such as rooster, reindeer, salmon, lamb, venison etc. and even vegetarian option.

We ordered The Starter whereby we get to choose 4 types of meatballs served with a creamy gravy sauce, lingonberries, pickled cucumber & red onion. This platter will allow customers to have a taste of the variety before deciding on their favourite choice if they subsequently order the main course (yes, they eat meatballs as a main course).

While choosing the meatballs, we were updated that they have roe deer meatball that day as well, so we opted for Boar, Moose, Veal and Roe Deer for the platter and the meatballs were differentiated with their respective flags.

While the meatballs were generally bouncy and moist, I thought the Moose meat had a strong gamey flavour compared to the other meatballs. For sure, they are way better than IKEA ones. I never liked the meatballs at IKEA despite their popularity.

Next we had the Spaghetti Bowl with a choice of meatball (we chose to go with veal) served with grandmas tomato sauce & loads of grated parmesan.

Earlier Photos Taken:

Sensed a bit of Chinese New Year with these familiar festive plants – Silver Willow and Peach Blossom.

View of Riddarholmen in Gamla Stan. With the river covered in snow, it made the colours of the facade pop.

From the riverside we made our way to Katarinahissen, or the Katarina Lift that looked like a tower crane actually. Its viewing deck offers an unblocked view of Gamla Stan. Unfortunately this space is above a construction site now as the area is undergoing massive redevelopment with many construction equipment in the foreground.

On the other side is the Gröna Lund amusement park, it is only open from late spring (April/March) to September.

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