The Flying Elk, Stockholm

While we missed the chance to visit Björn Frantzén‘s Michelin-starred eponymous restaurant, we made it to Frantzén’s little sister – The Flying Elk.

Once we enter the gastropub in Gamla Stan (Old Town) area, we were greeted by a Kuma (Japanese name for Bear)~

Naturally we ordered the Frantzén Kuma Lager to go with our meal – it is a Japanese lager brewed exclusively for Björn Frantzén’s restaurants.

Tasting menu is available but we chose to go ala carte since we had a late lunch. The appetizer that caught my attention was Truffle Popcorn Truffle salt, butter, Parmesan, dried black trumpet mushroom & fresh truffle. When given a choice, I always like my popcorn sweet. But the truffle+popcorn combination was too tempting to resist.

On hindsight, we should have tried the highly raved Gougères Beer cheese” & jalapeño too. It is a baked savory choux pastry made of choux dough mixed with cheese.

Up next was the Steak Tartar Aged Parmesan, pickled white onion, crispy garlic, toasted almonds, Caesar aioli & gem lettuce. The simple yet luxurious dish is a delicacy of French origin, usually served only in high-end restaurants. Wonderful see this on the menu here and I absolutely loved the feeling of silky smooth beef gliding across my palate.

As though trying to tease Frantzén in jest, where there is a signature scallop dish served in the fine restaurant, there is a Pan seared scallop “Signature” Truffle scrambled eggs, “pommes paille” & smoked brown butter served here. This is yet another ingenuously simple looking dish that piques diner’s palate with the superb flavours.

For mains we picked a seafood dish of Oven Baked Cod with Sherry & Beurre Noisette Emulsion Lardons, parsley root, broccoli & toasted walnuts. The fish, served in a cast iron skillet, was tender and flaky.

Having tasted cloudberry – often referred to as “forest gold” in Scandinavia, during my previous visit to Denmark; I was keen to enjoy a Crème brûlée with Cloudberry Valencia almonds. What’s better than ending our last dinner in Stockholm with a dessert that incorporates one of the Swedes‘ traditional and beloved berries? In terms of popularity cloudberries are probably second to lingonberries.

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