Enhjøringen (Unicorn Fish Restaurant), Bergen

For dinner we headed back to the Byrggen area to dine at one of the restaurants in the wooden houses – Enhjøringen (Unicorn Fish Restaurant).

The interior of the dining place was really cosy and I liked the Victorian-style dining hall.

It’s a must to try the local beer wherever we go!

We selected this restaurant as their menu was seafood-heavy. The key dish that I wanted to try was Fried Cod Tongues served with tartar sauce. Not to be fooled by the name, it is not literally tongue per se but this Norwegian delicacy is a small muscle extracted from the back of the fish’s neck. This cod tongues were coated in a light batter before frying. Under the crispy batter, the cod tongue itself has a slightly gelatinous texture. This combination of textures was so addictive and we polished it off effortlessly. We were contemplating whether to order another plate!

We were so pampered by the quality fish soups we had on this trip that it has made it into our regular order at any restaurants. Here instead of fish soup, we chose the deluxe version – Shellfish Soup served with crayfish. The bisque soup was rich and packed with  umami flavour of the crustaceans.

The main was a fish dish of Oven baked fillet of Cod with potato puree, chorizo and vegetables vinaigrette. With an abundance of cod in the Norwegian sea, I suppose you can’t go wrong with this fish that is Norway’s “white gold”.  The flesh was moist and flaky.

Rounded up our dinner with Wild berry mousse and Sorbet. The dessert was probably to only less satisfying part of the meal. Other than this, the overall service, ambience and food exceeded our expectations as a restaurant located at the touristy Bryggen area. For me the key highlight was the opportunity to dine in one of the historic wooden houses. The charm of the well-preserved house with its creaking floorboards, antique furniture all adds up to make this experience pretty memorable.

Earlier Photos Taken:

Spotted many street art in the Nøstet and Engen area.

Sentralbadet has a few legal street art walls in Bergen. They all looked impressive!

There are many tiny alleys and we just wandered around and spotted many instagrammable spots!

Even in the cloudy wintry weather, we enjoyed the walk around the neighbourhoods.

Unfortunately it was raining in the evening when we were back at the harbour opposite Bryggen. Decided to call it a day it was unlikely that the rain would ease later and we couldn’t set up the tripod for a long exposure night shot of the harbour.

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