Sweet Rain Konditori, Bergen

After a leisurely morning exploration of the Bryggen area, we made our way around the harbor to the opposite side. Initially we wanted to grab some food at the Bergen Fish Market. However the market was very limited during the winter season. We were mistaken that there would still be outdoor market with casual food stalls available, turned out that only the indoor market and restaurants were opened. That wasn’t what I was expecting.

So we headed over to Sweet Rain Konditori for an early Fika instead. This was the third cafe we visited on this trip. The first was a traditional cafe rich in history, the second was a tiny cafe specialising in bakery and this one had the most Scandinavian style decor.

As reflected in the name of the shop, it was decked out in a sweet pastel blue hue cabinets. Greeting us once we step inside was the rustic wooden table laid with a wide array of cookies. But we were here for one of their specialty – Brown cheese cheesecake.

I fell in love with the caramel-like taste of brown cheese and was eager to try this creation. It didn’t disappoint me as I enjoyed every bite of this rich and decadent cheesecake.

Also ordered the cute Pear Vanilla cheese mousse, pear marmalade and carrot pie.

The sweet treats were a nice energy booster before we continue our free and easy (aka aimless or laid-back) walking tour to explore the neighbourhood.

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