Bare Vestland, Bergen

Before leaving Bergen to Oslo, we had lunch at Bare Vestland restaurant which is a stone’s throw away from our hotel. This place specialises in Norwegian tapas, which is exactly what we would like as we could taste a variety of dishes in appetizer-size portions.

Although the restaurant is located in the basement of the building, it has a row of windows allowing daylight to enter and casting a soft diffuse glow into the hall.

Lunch menu was a simple 1-page affair. We started our meal with appetizer of Veal Tongue cucumber, spring onion & “Nyr” (a soft, fresh cheese) The veal tongue texture reminds me of mock vegetarian kidney made of gluten, slightly chewy.

We picked this restaurant mainly to try their Plukkfisk pickled leeks & bacon. This is a classic Norwegian dish which consists of pieces of white fish (usually cod) and potatoes, cooked in a bechamel sauce. With the fillet mixed in with the mash potato, you can’t really pick out the fish so the dish may even be palatable to people who don’t like eating fish. For me this dish goes into the must-eat dishes alongside with fish soup and fried codtongues when in Norway! I must say Norway is a seafood paradise!

Last but not least, we had a main of Beer-and-Meat Stew which is a hearty casserole dish. The beef was tender, the stock was flavourful and packed with sweetness from the vegetables. This dish certainly warms us up for the wet winter weather in Bergen.

After finishing this meal, we were off to catch our 7-hour train ride to Oslo.

Earlier Photos Taken:

There are plenty construction development going on. We are surprised to see the hoardings becoming creative art spaces.

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