Omurice Keisuke

Happy to know that Keisuke Group has opened an outlet adding a new Japanese food option to their chain that already featured Ramen, Gyoza, Hamburg Steak, Beef Sukiyaki Don etc.

This time round they have a tiny outlet in Bugis+ serving Omurice and Spaghetti, offering Japanese comfort food at similar affordable price point as their other stores.

For Spaghetti, there is a choice between Mentaiko (Spicy cod roe) and Neapolitan flavour. However I do feel that without additional topping, the pasta seemed pretty plain.

However both the Omurice and Spaghetti Set options comes with free-flow sides such as the seasoned bean sprouts, choice of 1 Salad and a Miso Soup.

I felt that the Omurice was more filling than the Spaghetti, perhaps due to the soft fluffy egg. The tomato fried rice underneath was also filled with some bits of chicken, corn etc. making it more satisfying than the plain spaghetti.

Something worth noting was the counter seats were installed with handphone charging points. If you don’t have the charging cable, you could ask for one (with a small refundable deposit charge) to charge your phone while you dine.

While I did enjoy the Omurice, the small table size at this outlet makes it unsuitable to serve food that has many side plates (unlike Ramen which only has 1 bowl). It felt squeezy though the staff were apt at rearranging the items such that everything falls right in place.

As with their Gyoza store, the dishes were made upon order but the food was served rather promptly. That is a consolation given that one had probably waited in line for a while before being seated. I had visited the outlet during slightly off-peak hours and both times there were a short wait.

Bottomline: I wouldn’t mind returning to this place when I have Omurice cravings. As for spaghetti…there are other options elsewhere…

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