Belle-Ville Pancake Cafe, Singapore

Fluffy, jiggly pancakes had made its round as one of the food trends on Instagram. While I hadn’t got the time to spare to join the queues in Japan for a taste of this delectable dessert (or breakfast), I’m glad to find an outpost set up by a chain originating from Osaka.

Belle-ville Pancake Cafe 100am outlet has an open-kitchen that allow passer-bys to have a clear view of the hot plate when staff are making the pancakes. After passing by this shop for the first time, I made a mental note to come back someday to try them out.

Other than pancakes, I also tried their Mixed Sandwich since Japan is also known for great tamago sando. Suffice to say that I wasn’t impressed from the looks. The bread itself was not as soft and moist as I expected.

Thankfully their specialty item more than made up for the earlier disappointment when they brought this plate of well-stacked Mango Pancake to us.

The freshly made-upon-order millefeuille pancakes had rich Hokkaido cream layered between them and topped with mango and vanilla ice cream.

For those who like to take a boomerang of their jiggly pancake stake, you can also opt for the original (fluffier) pancakes. The choice of pancake and the flavours combination are customisable.

While I enjoyed the pancakes here, this place is not ideal if you are looking for a seat down place to have a nice catch-up session with friends.

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