Fook Kin 福劲

As a non car owner, I had stopped tuning in to radio stations since I joined the workforce except for times while travelling on taxis where I get to listen to the channel the driver was on.  But that does not mean that I’ve lost touch on the radio scene. In fact The Muttons from Class 95, also known as Vernon A and Justin Ang, were so popular that they appeared at one of our Dinner & Dance event.

No, they were not there to promote their Fook Kin restaurant. For the record, I saw them before they ventured into this F&B business. And to be fair, they were also not promoting their other ventures too. They were professional in playing their part as MC and providing lotsa laughter for an entertaining evening.

I guess it is natural for common folks to expect them to sell goat meat given their synonymous stage name, but they decided to focus on Cantonese Roast Meat instead.

Before delving into the roast meat, I was first impressed by the Two Way Kai Lan which serves the classic vegetable in two styles on one plate. While one half is the standard blanched veg in oyster sauce, the other is fried and topped with fragrant pork floss for nice crunchy texture.

From the roast meat menu, we chose to try their Char Siew and Roast Duck. The char siew had the right meat-to-fats ratio and a measured portion of slightly charred bits for the smoky flavour.

The Angelica Herb (dang gui) Sauce was potently tasty, I’m salivating at the mere sight of the juicy and tender roast duck meat while writing this post.

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