YummyDelight About

[Mar 2013]

“Live to Eat, Drink to Live” have been the motto for this blog since 2010 when I started to use the wordpress blog as convenient platform to document my food diary.

As time passes, the blog has become a platform for communicating pleasure and enjoyment of the gastronomic journey of my life.

I’ve also grown to realise that there’s a wealth of knowledge to learn about Wine & Dine. It takes as much knowledge to appreciate good food as the mastery skills of chefs to cook well.

[Dec 2010]

Realised that I’ve been more adventurous in trying out new eating places recently. Decided to start off a blog so that it can act as a repository of the pix of the food & places I’ve visited.

Will post-date some plcs which I visited in 2008 & 09 as well.