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Sea Circus, Bali

Last day in Bali, we planned to go for a relaxing massage before heading to the airport. After leaving Bodyworks, we made a left turn and saw Sea Circus and decided to stop by for a quick snack. Though we passed … Continue reading

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Metis, Bali

Metis Restaurant & Gallery is one of the restaurants that I read about since my first visit to Bali a couple of years ago. We decided to visit them this time round for our final dinner in Bali as a nice ending to … Continue reading

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Naughty Nuri’s Warung, Bali

After spending close to 3 hours travelling to & fro Kintamani, we were back in Ubud town for a short break. Was thinking we could spend some time to enjoy tea snacks while our driver could also take a rest. Given the short … Continue reading

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Ibu Oka, Bali

Planned for a day trip to Kintamani (a highland area in the north of East Bali) and would be passing through Ubud. We finally got to eat the famous Babi Guling (suckling pig) on our 3rd trip to Bali. We … Continue reading

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Sardine, Bali

I’ve shortlisted Sardine restaurant since my previous trip to Bali, but only got to visit them this time round. From the name of the restaurant it is not surprising to know that the menu comprised of predominately fish, available in abundance … Continue reading

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Boneka Restaurant Sunday Brunch, Bali

Made it for the Boneka Sunday Brunch in St Regis on my 2nd try – they were fully booked when we tried to get seats only after arriving in Bali during my previous trip. This time round I made bookings online … Continue reading

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Cuca Restaurant, Bali

As we touched down in Bali at ard 7pm, by the time we reached our villa in Jimbaran it was closed to 8.30pm. Luckily I chose a restaurant that is literally a stone’s throw away from where we were staying. … Continue reading

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