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Le Banneton, Vientiane

My final day in Vientiane and we slipped out of our hotel to try Le Banneton, a bakery which is said to serve the Best Croissant in Vientiane. Okay, by now we sort of moderated our expectations of the quality … Continue reading

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Amphone, Vientiane

Our last meal in Vientiane before departing and it is my one and only chance to try Lao cuisines. Shortlisted Amphone on the premise that “if it’s good enough for Anthony Bourdain, it should be good enough for me!“. The … Continue reading

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Ray’s Grille Burgers & Mexican, Vientiane

We had wanted to visit Ray’s Grille Burgers & Mexican on the first day of my arrival, however due to some outdated information (it’s one of those rare occassion whereby we relied on a 3rd party info rather than checking from … Continue reading

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Kung’s Cafe, Vientiane

My plan for the morning was to do some sightseeing and with the ultimate aim of visiting Kung’s Cafe.  The sky turned bright really early in Vientiane this time of the year. By 6am the sun has shone through the … Continue reading

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Chateau du Laos, Vientiane

Departing Singapore at 4pm and after spending 2 hours transiting in BKK airport, arrived in Vientiane late night. The only dining options left opened are probably the pubs and drinking places. Stopped by to see That Dam (Black Stupa) and … Continue reading

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