Bar La Campana, Madrid

Covered a few more sights in Madrid city, although I must say they aren’t that impressive to me. I wished I could visit the Templo de Debod but they are closed on Mondays…The temple is an ancient Egyptian temple which was originally built in Egypt. The temple was donated by Egypt to Spain to thank them for saving the monuments in Egypt that would otherwise have disappeared due to the construction of a dam. This would be a rare opportunity to see an ancient Egyptian architecture without having to fly there.

We were instead impressed by the mega Primark store on Gran Via. Newly opened in late 2015, it is the 2nd biggest store worldwide spanning over 5 storeys! Tired from the shopping, we head over to Bar La Campana for late afternoon snack. Their speciality is Bocadillos Calamares (Calamari Sandwich).

Bar La Campana_01

For €2.70 you can get a sandwich piled with freshly fried calamaris which is filling and satisfying. I’m sure everyone of us had the experience of biting into calamaris only to find that some of they are just too rubbery and wouldn’t break off no matter how hard we tugged at it? Not the ones here. The calamaris here are lightly battered and fried perfectly to achieve a consistent chewy texture on every one of them. If not for fearing that we would fall sick during the trip from the “heatiness” of having too much fried food, I would have ordered 1 whole plate of Calamaris to savour!

Other photos taken:


Top: Royal Palace of Madrid (Palacio Real) taken from Sabatini Garden (Jardines de Sabatini), Bottom left: Monument in Plaza de Oriente.


Also visited Plaza Mayor – a square surrounded by buildings and has a bronze statue at the centre (bottom pic). The side that caught my attention was Casa de la Panadería. Not because it has two towers and spires, but because of the paintings on the facade. Upon closer look, you can notice that the paintings included nude ladies?! Okay, I’ve seen paintings of such in museums but on the facade of building?!

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