Roast (EmQuartier), Bangkok

Our last day in BKK for this trip…made our way to EmQuartier to try out one last cafe before returning to Singapore…

Ideally we would love to visit the outlet at The COMMONS but after our long walk to Rocket Coffeebar S49 a few days ago, we opted to visit ROAST‘s more accessible outlet instead.


We were assigned seats facing the waterfall right outside the eatery and had good daylight. Ordered one of the signature drinks – Iced Espresso Latte, whereby espresso was transformed into ice cubes. Serving them this way will solve the problem of iced coffee turning diluted when ice cube melts, on the other hand, we had to wait for the espresso to melt before we can take a sip of the coffee. Milk and syrup has to be added gradually as the coffee cube melts.

The coffee here are of high quality and good grade. Enjoyed the thick and frothy Cafe Mocha too.


Food wise we tried the Smoked Salmon Rosti Salad, Horseradish, Lemon and Seafood Risotto Market Seafood, Saffron, Mascarpone.


Although the items seemed pretty standard Western items commonly available in many cafes, they were well-prepared using fresh and top quality ingredients. ROAST is undoubtedly one of the best cafes I’ve visited in Bangkok.

They are a testimony that cafes don’t need to rely on fanciful themes and decoration to attract a crowd amidst stiff competition in Bangkok.

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