Kaiton Pratunam Chicken Rice (Go-Ang Kaomunkai Pratunam), Bangkok

After a good night rest, we commenced our shopping trip at Platinum Mall – Ladies’ Shopping Paradise. While most people can spend 1 whole day inside the mall, we ventured to nearby Pratunam area to search for the famous Kaiton Pratunam Chicken Rice.

It was easy to spot the place, just look for the pink shirt worn by the servers. When we reached at close to 2pm, the place was still very pack. Being somewhat like a coffeeshop place, customers had to look for tables themselves.

We placed our conservative order of 2 plates of chicken rice, so that we could evaluate the taste before placing additional orders.  The chicken meat wasn’t the juicy and tender type, but the “special dip” was what made this chicken rice so attractive to me. The dark-coloured slightly salty dipping sauce was a heavenly mixture. It was equally tasty when drizzled over the fragrant rice.

We couldn’t get enough of chicken meat to dip, so we ordered another separate portion of chicken meat.

Kaiton Pratunam Chicken Rice

This had to be one of the most value-for-money meal I’ll ever have in Bangkok. The total cost of the meal was around 120 baht (less than S$5) , inclusive of 1 bottle of coke. However do be considerate and move off as soon as you finish your meal instead of table-hogging.

Will definitely return to order at least half a chicken the next time I visit BKK.

Here’s my self-created map to the place.

Map to Kaiton

[Updates in May 16]

Finally revisited this chicken rice stall after my failed attempt last year (arrived too late and they have closed for lunch).

Happy to see that they have a formal queuing system now and even has a menu. The chicken rice quality remained as good as ever! Yum!

Kaiton Pratunam Chicken Rice_02

Other photos taken earlier:

Had breakfast at hotel, which had both indoor and outdoor terrace seating.


What a coincidence to see the Man United Team Bus while we were walking towards Pratunam in the morning. PS: we saw the team bus again when we were on our way back to our hotel in the evening. This time round we saw the players in suit boarding the bus, should be making their way to the stadium for their match. 


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