Nespresso Limited Edition Capsule – Cubania

Finally, after playing catch-up to get my hands on the limited edition capsules for the past few years whenever they are released, I was somehow invited to attend their Avant Premier launch of Cubania, Limited Edition Grand Cru at their boutique in ION Orchard.

Didn’t know what to expect at the launch, except that it would be hosted by Hossan Leong. Check out Hossan’s instagram whereby he posted a picture of him with the classic George Clooney Nespresso poster pose.

Really pleased to realise during registration at the venue at they giving us a complimentary sleeve of the new Cubania limited edition capsules. *yeah =)

Other than performance, photobooth shots and fingerfood, we were also treated to endless supply of their coffee concoctions~ Although having several cups of intensity 13 coffee (yes, the new Cubania breaks the record of their intensity scale – previous record was held by Kazaar at intensity 12) at 8.30pm would probably keep us wide awake throughout the night? Hence to avoid insomnia we limited ourselves to only 1 out of the variety of coffee recipes available for tasting. Of cos we had to choose the one with alcohol~ Using the Cubania, added with Dark Rum and Kahlua, they created a rich and velvety alcoholic iced coffee drink.

Despite its record breaking intensity, I find the Cubania ultra-smooth and easy drinking. No hints of bitterness, just the flavourful aroma of the rich coffee left lingering in the mouth.


Also included in our goodie bag is a sleeve containing 10 packs of cane sugar, to be stirred into the Cubania coffee when you enjoy them at home. In addition there are 6 exciting recipes provided on how to concoct the coffee creations.

It was certainly a fun and engaging experience attending the launch of the Nespresso capsule. Hope I would be lucky enough to be able to attend future launches.

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