Windowsill Pies [Relocated]

Sitting in the dining hall of Windowsill Pies is akin to sitting in a nordic-styled toy house. In the centre of the ‘toy house’ was a huge Xmas tree made of stacked wooden cones, at one side of the wall was a bright yellow retro looking SMEG fridge with a woody cupboard filled with glassware. The pretty pies were all housed in the refrigerated display cabinet, sitting on the green artificial grass. We were spoilt for choices but thanks to the helpful and patient staff who explained to us the ingredients for each pie, we finally made our decision.

Realising that there was still some time before heading back to office, we ordered a pot of Earl Grey Creme tea and latte to enjoy at the shop. The thoughtful staff then offered to keep our packed pies in the fridge so that we can pick them up before we leave.


Back home I enjoyed the pies bought: Strawberry Lemon Tart and Banana Almond Brittle Pie 


Despite the fact that I only tasted them the next morning (although its best consumed on the day of purchase), I was surprised that the cookie crust at the base of the pie was still crusty and dry. The strawberry lemon tart packs a myriad of taste: from the creamy meringue on the top, to the tangy lemon curd and finally the sweet strawberry (not sure if its real fruit or jam?) at the bottom. The banana almond pie had more subtle taste.

I would return to take-away more of their tasty pies but for drivers who plans to eat at the shop the challenge would be to find a parking lot at the area…

[Update in 2015]

Windowsill Pies has relocated to 95 Soo Chow Walk, Singapore 575382

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